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R - E - S - P - E - C - T  (... just a little bit!)

R - E - S - P - E - C - T (... just a little bit!)

By tim walters
30th January
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BEHC introduces Club umpire's shirt

This is another great initiative by the Club: introducing its own umpire's shirts. This means not only that those umpiring officials who have already got an existing green KHUA or other equivalent shirt may soon have the option of the unique BEHC garment. It also means that some of our own "locally grown" officials with the whistle will have something good to wear in future too.

The shirt is similar to the Club's playing shirt but with a unique purple and yellow colouring so it will not clash with either our or other teams' playing kit very often. It sports a Velcro breast pocket (for the cards which our players never receive!) which is very useful, has the word UMPIRE emblazoned on the back, and carries a very relevant message on the sleeve:


So as players, we should indeed be proud, we should definitely be worthy … and we should also do both of the above.

Keep an eye out for the "men and women in purple" from this week-end onwards. Without them there would be no competitive matches for any of us.

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