Asics & Blackheath

Asics & Blackheath

Asics Gel-Blackheath 150 - Limited Edition

Official ASICS blurb: “In 2011/12 Blackheath celebrated its 150th anniversary. We, ASICS, acknowledge this achievement and made Blackheath a special gift. Exclusive Gel-Blackheath hockey trainers were produced in the official club colours. Only 150 numbered pairs were made for The Netherlands and come in a specially designed box together with a Blackheath long sleeve polo shirt and booklet. The 'push back' took place on Saturday September 2nd, with a special "invite only" launch event/party. Prior to this a trilogy of teaser virals videos were released. Check them out by clicking on the links below:

Viral Part 1
Viral Part 2
Viral Part 3

The Final Touch

The Club Chairman, Matt Wilde, in the company of the Hon. Club Secretary, Andy Bartlett and the Hon. Team Secretary, Antony Sturgess, had the honour and the privilege to take part in the official launch party for the Asics Exclusive Gel-Blackheath 150 Hockey Shoe, in the Netherlands. To get involved in the occasion, the leading hockey supplier in Holland, Hockey Republic, transformed their store to pay homage to Blackheath's 150 year achievement. Check out some of the photos from their trip!
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