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By tim walters
21 August 2018
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Watch out for some of the junior coaching staff "models".

Do O'Neills make club teddy bears?
K. Stevenson (Yes, they do).

Not much has changed since on the kit and team merchandise front over the close season, but there are some potential additions from O'NEILLS' new "Rick" range being planned, including:

1) The "Rick" HB5 ½-zip fleece top;
This is slightly different from the usual gear, insofar as it is based on using a marl grey/blue fabric, rather than the traditional blue. Some of our junior coaching staff will be trialling this fleece top from next month, and if we get enough positive feedback from Club members, it will get added to the web-shop as soon as possible;

The "Rick" hoodie;
Again, this has the distinctive horizontal two colour red and white band across the middle against a blue background, but what makes this hoodie different is the smooth polyester material it is made from … or as one wag put it to me recently, "more modish than mugger", although I think he meant it nicely; and

The "Rick" slim-fit trousers;
Our existing Larch skinny pants were only an average seller last season, but the upgraded ones in this range do look a bit nicer, so let's see if they might do better.

One thing that is changing by necessity, however, is the JUNIOR PLAYING SHIRT. The Club is still actively pursuing a potential shirt sponsor, which is why there is no on-line shirt available at present for the junior section. We have held on for as long as possible, but have now decided to produce a plain red shirt (identical to last year's, minus the Kinleigh Folkard branding) in the interim. It will not be available online until late September, but it will then turn up with you within a week if you order via the web-shop. I hope to get a handful of advance copies to sell directly at the Club in about 3-4 weeks' time.

That's all for now.

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