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Sat 12
Southwick 1
Mens 2nd XI
E Thorogood (14'), W Leverton (24'), P Marwaha (65')


By Edd Thorogood
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Having squandered a 2-0 lead. 2's show grit to get back to 3-3 in dying moments.....

Flight Commodore Lance Corporal Right Lieutenant Admiral Tom Dawson (W.E.L.S.H), was fast to rally the troops after a rather damp and draining visit to the South Coast. As any true soldier would, he picked his men up off the floor whilst he waxed lyrical about an almost goal, the truth was, this was a funny old game, with not much rhyme or reason too it. At half time you would have said that BEHC were cruising, 15 minutes later, Southwick produced a Japanese like injection of pace into the game and then once BE equalised the home side were hanging on like the Flight Commodore waiting for date number 6 of the evening to arrive.

Its never easy on the road, its never easy in the rain, its never easy on a slippy pitch and its never easy when Rikki Tikki announces 'i feel all funny', just as the game starts. Bottom line, we played like Miley Cyrus' wrecking ball, for the first 35, wave after wave of attack and 2 goals to show for it, in hindsight we were probably a little wasteful and didn't produce as much as we might have, there was a sense of it being all too easy, and that's where we let ourselves down.

The first came from another smooth break, a save from the GK and a first time mega slap from Edd T to make it 1-0 (Class is permanent). Next, a VAR moment. Another sharp break, Big Will broke clear and had thoughts of shooting, but his quick mind saw the poacher on the back post and as he slipped it across the D, Dawson took aim with his sniper from his Boeing AH-64 Apache, collateralised the defender into thinking it was a missile and he deposited said 'rocket' in to his own net..................

Prem celebrated like Jurgen Klopp, whooping, hollaring and shouting for joy as he ran in from the deep midwicket boundary, high fives and bum taps 'it was definitely in the D when he shot' only to realise that the Sussex Umpires have far greater technology than in Kent and we had gone to V.A.R., moments later, they checked their radios, and the wrist watch to find Gladys, with the 1995 VHS video cam on the side line, had confirmed that it was indeed a goal........2-0, half time.

The next 15 minutes were a bit of a blur (90 rock band with hits such as 'Park Life' and 'Girls and Boys'), safe to say we were arrogant enough to float into the 2nd half like Barcelona floated into their ill fated 2nd leg at Anfield, more about Divok Origi later........but 3 fairly similar moves, crash ball in, deflection and a tidy up slap of a loose ball saw the Southwick Seaguls take the lead, much to the bemusement of the BEHC lads and much to the annoyance of skipper Rob Hughes who sent the match ball packing to Malta via an opposition player, some salutations with the umpire and a postcard to wish him on his merry way, the game that keeps on giving. Rob hopes to catch up with the ball next week on honeymoon.....Valletta is lovely this time of year.

Last year, or in seasons past, we would have laid down and crumbled under a cloud of Steve Bruce mediocrity, instead, we fought back like Paul Lambert's Ipswich are bouncing back to the Championship. More D penetrations than a Prague 'hotel' sleep over, the boys got stuck into the game like a Purewal family wedding (loads going on, it went on for ages and half the people there were hoping it would end soon), sure enough, it was the reborn Prem at the far post for a tap in to secure a point, looking more Divok Origi these days than Emile Heskey, he is making strides towards the golden boot........and proving he can in deed hit a cows arse with a banjo.

The Commodore nearly nicked it, a sweep hit to the upper 90 to polish off this roller coaster of a game, only for the man of the moment, Southwicks very own David DeGea, to palm it away to safety.......3-3, one for the neutral

A decent ding dong, but a sense of missed opportunity, games will be tough in this league and we enjoyed a very entertaining game.

3rd with 7 points and unbeaten.

Many thanks to our hosts and Gladys on the V.A.R

MOTM - F.C.L.C.R.L.A Dawson (W.E.L.S.H)
DOTD - Gurpreet - Feet were all danced out from THAT wedding........

Next week we welcome the BEHC retirement home to the Meadow.........Mid Sussex (h) 12.30pm.

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Sat 12, Oct 2019



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Kent/Sussex - Regional 2

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Blackheath & Elthamians 2
Southwick 1