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9. Juniors London Hockey Leagues


London Hockey Junior League 2023/2024


· Tier 1 Leagues are intended for the top teams at these age groups.
· In the U14 & U16 age groups, after an initial round of matches at London Area level, the top 3 teams will qualify for a national SupraLeague which will run for the remainder of the season & lead to National Finals. The remaining teams will play in the Junior London Hockey Leagues.
· Tier 2 Leagues are a London Area level competition with several divisions arranged geographically to minimise travel as far as possible. London Area Finals will be held at the end of the season.
· Tier 3 Leagues will be organised within the London Area and are designed as a developmental, rather than competitive, environment for the players. Tier 3 will be split into upper and lower levels with a reorganisation in January to try to ensure the teams are evenly matched. London Area Finals will be held at the end of the season.
· Tier 3 London Hockey Cup & Plate Knockout Competitions will be run for the U14 & U16 age groups.
· Tier 4 Festivals involve 7v7 matches.


All league activity in this age group will be the In2Hockey 7v7 format. London Hockey will organise the preliminary Area rounds with the winner going through to the National Finals.
· Tier 1 Leagues are intended to provide a performance environment for teams preparing for the England Hockey In2Hockey competition.
· Tier 2 Leagues are for those teams not intending to enter the England Hockey In2Hockey competition.
· Tier 3 Festivals are a less competitive environment and more for developmental purposes.
Performance Leagues: This league has been designed for clubs with a strong boys or girls U12 team which needs to be challenged in a stronger league. The format will be 7-aside. Clubs can enter a maximum of two teams into this league. The league will be reset after Christmas based on the scores for the first half of the season into a Cup and Plate competition. Dates to be confirmed for this league.


· Festivals in such format as the clubs agree between them i.e 4v4, 5v5, 6v6 or 7v7.
· England Hockey In2Hockey competition for U10 with a London Area Final.